Thanksgiving safety tips for travel and fire prevention

It is that time of year again, Thanksgiving is only a day away and turkeymany people will be taking to the roads today after work to be with friends and family. There are a few extra safety precautions you can take after you leave your office before you set out on your travels. If you are trying to make the trip tonight  to try to avoid traffic as much as possible (or even tomorrow) make sure you are prepared.

Here are a few quick tips you might consider:

-          Make sure your cell phone is fully charged

-          Bring a flashlight and make sure the batteries work

-          If you are feeling tired use a rest stop or get a cup of coffee on your way, don’t drive  drowsy

-          Check your tires, wipers, and make sure your gas tank is filled

You never know when something could go wrong, so it is always better to be prepared just in case.

For those of you who will be hosting Thanksgiving and not doing the traveling make sure you keep your home and guests safe. The Thanksgiving holiday sees more fires to homes and property damage than your average day. Here are some fire prevention tips:

-          Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking so that you can keep an eye on things, especially something on the stove top

-          Don’t wear loose clothing that could accidentally catch fire while you are cooking

-          Test your smoke alarms

-          Keep things that could catch fire away from the stove

-          Make sure the stove or oven is turned off when not in use

-          If you are going to deep fry a turkey, make sure it is outdoors and away from anything that could catch fire

There you have it, a few tips to help make your holiday a bit safer for you. May everyone’s travel be safe and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Happy ThanksgivingJon Stiles
Jr. Marketing Manager
Dolan Contractors, Inc

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Malvern Preparatory School Chapel Construction – September 2013

Since my last post about the Chapel at Malvern Preparatory School there have been significant changes to the building. I had left off with the raising of the tilt wall panels, but no roof or interior had been in place yet. The building now has come into true form with the roof on, the brick work complete, and windows installed. The exterior is mostly completed leaving the focus now to the interior finishes.

South Transept with trusses

South transept with roof trusses

It was fascinating to see how quickly things came together with each visit I made to the work site each week. I would show up and all of a sudden there were trusses set for the roof, then the next trip the actual roof was in place. The chapel additions went from just a tilt wall frame to looking like an actual building in a short period of time.



North Entrance

North entrance fits right in with the rest of the building

By the end of the month the roof had shingles and the tilt wall had brick work laid on its exterior, making the addition nearly indistinguishable from the existing chapel, only the missing windows and a few finishing touches gave it away. Now that a majority of the exterior construction had been completed the focus began to shift towards the interior work to be done. The remaining work for the exterior of the chapel was to restore the landscaping and walkways and put the last couple finishing touches on the building itself.


The exterior was not the only part of the building that had made progress. On the interior the frame work had gone up for the restrooms as well as the electrical and ventilation systems.

Restroom Framing

Restroom Framing

Within weeks of the framing sheet rock was up which started to give the interior of the chapel some shape to it. By the end of the month the walls had been spackled, windows were in, and preparations for the flooring had started. There is still a ways to go for the interior. The walls need to be finished and painted, floors need to be finished, lighting fixtures need to be attached, and restroom fixtures need to be installed, just to name a few. During the month of October we will be finishing up with this project with a completion goal for the end of the month.

You can see more of the photos for yourself and keep up with the progress of the chapel on our website as I post the progress photos each month.

Jon Stiles
Jr. Marketing Manager
Dolan Contractors, Inc

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How internet marketing affects construction companies (Part 2/2)

In the first part of this article I spoke about how the internet has changed the way your business is found and perceived online. It is extremely important to make your company available on the internet, and to work to make sure you are found by potential customers. However, being found is only part of the battle.

Once you manage to get someone onto your website you want to keep them there, and visuals help keep the attention of your viewers. I have listed a few more points below that I believe to be important for a design build construction company.

Images count

Warehouse Space

Warehouse Space

With information at your fingertips just simply a name and number will not cut it. You could be a great company who has done wonderful work, but a pile of text describing your building may not get the job done. Compare that to a competitor who has a visual portfolio of their work showing you firsthand what your building could look like can give them the advantage. It is pretty much expected at this point to have images available of a property or the site of a proposed building. Images are particularly important for a construction company or commercial real estate company because they help represent your work and keep people on your website.


Maps Matter

If you are a company looking for a distribution warehouse then your location matters.

Rancocas Park Aerial View

Rancocas Park Aerial View

You want a good logistical placement for your warehousing so that you can easily transport your product to and from your distribution center to its various destinations. Including a map online with your listing to point out key roadways, interchanges to highways, as well as accommodations can be important to show the logistical benefits you provide with your location.

Your competition is a click away

A term you may have heard before. The internet, as great as it is, can be good for your business but at the same time it also increases the competition. More than likely you are not the only company a potential customer is looking up and if your website is difficult to navigate, or confusing, it could mean that they move on to the next choice in their search. It is important to have engaging content and calls to action in order to keep potential customers interested and to explore your website.

Overall the internet is an amazing resource for both businesses and consumers. It provides opportunities to share your information and educate consumers. It is also a place to do your research and find a company that will provide you with the best value in what you are looking for. In a world where competition becomes tougher and tougher every day, I firmly believe that the internet plays a key role for a construction company and commercial real estate company in order to provide information to potential customers.

Jon Stiles
Jr. Marketing Manager
Dolan Contractors, Inc

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How internet marketing affects construction companies (Part 1/2)


The internet is a resource that has grown exponentially since it became publicly available. New uses are being found and created every day. Improvements are being made to it and companies are started on it. Traditional brick and mortar businesses are adopting it to sell their products and to reach a larger audience than ever before. In this information age that we now live in there is almost no one that is not at least somewhat familiar with the internet and its uses. Since there is so much familiarity with the internet now it has become an essential tool for companies to gain an audience with their customers. You now have to not only establish your presence in your physical location but you have to do it online as well. I have come up with a few points that I believe to be important for internet marketing and how it is important for not only just a construction and property management company, but for just about any business.

It has become the new yellow pages

It’s how people search and do research now. If you have a question you need an answer for you go online and look it up. This has become such a common practice that Google just released probably one of the biggest overhauls to their search algorithm in years in order to increase the quality of search results for more complex queries, such as asking Google questions. If you do not have a website then more than likely you are invisible to most consumers. If you don’t already have a website you can always turn to helpful tools such as Google+ local or other local listings by major search engines to gain some exposure. These types of local listings are very helpful especially if you cater exclusively to a certain geographic region.

Internet presence builds credibility

If you want potential customers to take you seriously especially for potential multi-million dollar buildings you want to look like a legitimate business. A website gives a first impression of company and adds to their credibility. If you don’t have a website in this day and age it might raise some questions, or worse, you may never even be found. A majority of people do research online before making a purchase, and if someone is making a large transaction like a leasing a building or construction project you better believe you are being looked at online.

Local listings are important

Google Local Listing

Google Local listing from search

What better place to look for a company to suit your needs locally than doing a local search. Even without specifying a location search engines can be smart enough to show you some location based results for your search in the top search rankings alongside a map. For a construction company or property management company location can make or break deals so this is even more important. You can sign up for local listings for any of the major search engines, they usually just require you to verify you are authorized to claim that business as your own via phone or mail.

To be continued in our next post “How internet marketing affects construction companies (Part 2/2)”…

Jon Stiles
Jr. Marketing Manager
Dolan Contractors, Inc

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